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Dings! [userpic]

Freitag ist Party-tag!

March 28th, 2008 (05:24 pm)

current location: Work Cave
current mood: peaceful
current song: 88.5

            Yes, it’s finally Friday.  Luckily, the guy on my radio station who usually screams on Friday morning was not there or forgot.  That made my morning!  (Check it out sometime… it’s horrible.  The guy who gives the traffic reports on 97.3 does this screeching “yeehaw” on Friday mornings, I guess to commemorate the end of the week, but it’s a nasty sound to wake up to.)

            Ever since Jason and I had that talk, things have gotten much better.  He’s rearranging his finances and figuring out a way to come up here to visit me in about a month.  Then he’ll head out to Utah to get a place for himself, find a job, and get into going to school.  I will join him, but probably not when I’d first planned.  I’ll stay here for a little while longer.  When I do move out there, I’ll move into my own place with my dog, (and my cat, if my mom convinces me that her life would be horrible without me).  I won’t move until I have a job… unless I have some savings and can start applying while there.  We’ll see.  I have a feeling that planning to move across country right now is probably impossible.  I’m going to wait.  I think we both feel better about that.

            I have to go home tonight and get my car appraised by the dealership.  According to Kelly Blue Book, it should be worth $2,285 as a trade in.  I won’t mention that unless they’re trying to give me less.  With my $3,000 down payment, hopefully I can get a loan that won’t kill me with monthly payments.  It should be fine.  I’m excited.  My car is ten years old, and for a Saturn, that’s pretty good.  We’ve been through a lot though.  I can’t wait to show Pele how much room he’ll have.  And when I do finally move somewhere, I’ll have a vehicle to get me there.  I’m planning on getting the tow package on it too, so I can rent myself a UHaul and take my few personal belongings with me.  Eep!

            I think I’m going to head to Katrina’s tomorrow late-morning.  I want to test drive that car again and see if I can get the acceleration to be a little better.  Also, I’m gonna see if someone at the Chadds Ford Franklin Mint can help me out with my personal/auto loan.  I want to see if I can get approved for it.  I really don’t want to go through Saturn’s financing options because the cheapest option they could offer me was $204/month.  Too high!  And it was for too long, (48 months).  After doing my own research, I know I can get a lesser payment, (closer to around $187/month for 36 months).  That would be completely do-able.  Man!  I just wanna get this done!  I believe I can handle it, especially if I don’t have to pay my dad every month for the school loans he took out.  (I don’t have to start paying them again until my dad consolidates them, my mom said… much to my dad’s chagrin, I’m afraid).  Anyway, I wish I could get everything figured out tomorrow in time to take my new car to Katrina’s, but I know that’s impossible.  Maybe I’ll tell Katrina that I’m having problems with my car an… nah.  I don’t have to make excuses.  Maybe it’s better if I don’t come down though.  It would be better for me to get my car figured out and then go visit her.  I mean, what if something happens to my car on the way down?  Then I’d be out that money.

            Ugh… I wanna leave now!  Oh yeah, Emily called me today.  She’s engaged.  And she’s SO happy about it.  I’m happy for her.  I can’t imagine what her family would say if she and Pieter broke up after she lived there for so long.  She’ll be getting married in VA, so I won’t have to go too far to attend her wedding.  Maybe by then Jason will have enough money to come with me.  Of course, I shouldn’t be hoping for that far in the future.  A lot of things could change before then.  :: shudder ::  I’d rather not think about it actually!  Emily and Pieter are in the US until April 5th I think.  She’s not planning on coming to visit me so I’m a little sad about that.  It’s her turn though, for when she gets around to it.

            Haha, I just thought about those postcards we sent out last weekend from Germany.  I wonder if any of them reached their recipients yet.  I wonder if Kelly will call/email me when she gets hers.  L  I’m starting to really miss my friends.  When I move away from here, they’ll have a reason not to visit me.  But right now, they have no excuse.  I’m not really one of those people who confronts people on this, because I doubt it’s maliciousness on their part.  I still fume about it to myself though.  J  It’s just how I am.

            I’m still planning on going to grad school, and I decided on a PhD in Economics.  I would focus on Developmental Economics, (for example, why isn’t Kenya developing as quickly/successfully as Botswana?)  If I can work really hard and get a fellowship, I won’t have to worry about tuition and will get a rather nice stipend also.  On the plus side, I have completed the Macroeconomic, Microeconomic, and Calculus requirements for this degree.  On the negative side, I still need statistics and linear algebra.  Ugh.  Maybe these are the *fun* math courses.  Haha, if there is such a thing.  I’m a theory girl.  I’m still interested in working for an international company of some sort.  We’ll see.  Eventually I might even teach.  Again… we’ll see.  I never thought I’d make a good teacher.  Maybe I’m wrong!

            I can’t believe how slow this afternoon as been moving.  I need mental relief!  And I will definitely only be rambling if I keep writing in this thing, so tschuess!